IGS Internships

Animal Shelter/Wildlife Rehabilitation

Project Introduction

We work with shelters that house and rehabilitate both domestic and wild animals. They may be the local variety featuring dogs and cats as well as shelters that feature exotic pets and injured wildlife. When wildlife is injured either through natural causes, road accidents, hunting or loss of a parent, shelters step in to provide rehabilitation and care. These facilities may be open to the public to allow visitors a close look at animals they might not otherwise see in the wild.

Shelters catering to domestic pets are often safe havens for lost pets, strays, and abandoned animals. They function to immunize the animals and create a space for them to be able to integrate back into society.

Animal shelter work can bring out the best of human nature. Connecting and rehabilitating abandoned animals can instill a sense of accomplishment that few tasks can provide. As well as connecting to animals, this internship provides a great insight into local communities as well. There are great opportunities to connect with school children as well as the general public in this internship to learn some of the local customs.

This internship requires an intensive training period that will teach you the basics of animal care expected at the facility.

Job Duties

  1. Assist staff with wildlife rehabilitation
  2. Food preparation
  3. Wildlife intake
  4. Interpretation
  5. Arranging exhibits
  6. Facilities & Grounds Maintenance
  7. Humane Education
  8. Admissions
  9. Office & Adminitrative Support
  10. Pet Foster Care - Pre-Adoption Pets & Owned Pets of Families in need including military families deployed in war
  11. Pet Lost & Found
  12. Pet Visitation - Take Your Pets to Healthcare & Senior Facilities
  13. Special Events & Promotions
  14. Adoptions Assistant
  15. Advocacy
  16. Behavior Help Line Associate
  17. Cat Trainer
  18. Dog Exerciser
  19. Dog Trainer