IGS Internships

Crocodile Park

The Project

Featuring crocodiles and other North Queensland wildlife this park is one of the largest of its kind. Education is an important part of the Park's mission. Crocodile numbers are in the decline owing to climate change and human degradation of habitats.

The Park educates visitors on the disposition of the crocodile and behavioral characteristics. The Park also celebrates the diversity of northern Australia biota and includes tropical bird exhibits, reptiles, indigenous insect exhibits, and tropical woodlands.
An extensive boardwalk system provides ample opportunity for visitors to explore the park and diverse habitats by foot. A nearby lagoon likewise features boat rides and an opportunity to see the park by water.

The scenic river location likewise provides a glimpse into some of the native flora and fauna found in the area. Assist in catfish feedings, and maintenance of the center's snake collection if so inclined.

Job Duties

  1. Animal intake
  2. Feeding
  3. Meal preparation
  4. Exhibit maintenance
  5. Interpretation of exhibits
  6. Interpretation of individual species
  7. Interpretation of Park history
  8. Record keeping on the specific animals