IGS Internships

Koala Sanctuary

The Project

A short drive to downtown Brisbane lays one of the world's premier koala sanctuaries. Here, you will have an up close and personal glance at one of the world's most endearing animals. Koalas have a range of behavior that scientists are still seeking to understand and you will have the opportunity to come to your own conclusions about their life ways.

With 130 koalas and an equal amount of kangaroos, this is run as a wildlife park that allows visitors a more personal interaction with these animals than they would get in the wild.

This is a great opportunity to interact with wild mammals in a controlled environment that takes into consideration the animal's needs and welfare. Koalas roam free on the park grounds and you have the opportunity to view them in a semi-natural habitat.

The scenic river location likewise provides a glimpse into some of the native flora and fauna found in the area. Assist in catfish feedings, and maintenance of the center's snake collection if so inclined.

Job Duties

  1. Animal intake
  2. Feeding of animals
  3. Record keeping of animal vitals
  4. Food preparation for the animals
  5. General interpretation for the public
  6. Park management
  7. Marketing