IGS Internships

Science & Education

Cultural Museum

Project Introduction

IGS places interns with the largest cultural and natural history museum in the Hawaiian Islands. The museum covers everything from the settling of Hawaii, to the voyages of Captain Cook, to the history of surfing. The center includes two Polynesian voyaging canoes, and the Falls of Clyde.

Exhibits may include the physical features of the deep ocean and the species that are able to survive in some of the most intense landscapes on earth. A exhibit highlighting one of the ocean's largest creatures--a 26 foot long squid.

Cultural exhibits include Kai Ākea the Hawaiian gods, legends, beliefs, and the world of pre-contact Hawai‘i. In addition, galleries highlight Wao Kanaka, the realm where people live and work; focusing on the importance of the land and nature in daily life. The third floor, Wao Lani, is the realm inhabited by the gods; here, visitors will learn about the ali‘i and key moments in Hawaiian history.

Polynesian hall is a gallery of two floors representing the peoples Pacific cultures across Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.
Natural History galleries include a 16,500 foot facility that highlights volcanology, oceanography, and biodiversity.
Finally, an exhibit showcasing Hawaii's Sports Hall of Fame details the unique cultural and athletic feats of the island's sports heroes.

Location - Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii. Click Here for detailed description.

Job Description

Interns assist curators with all aspects of cultural education. They serve as a liaison between the staff and the public. Specifically, interns can expect to be required to learn the ins and outs of specific exhibits. Once mastery of that knowledge has been attained, they may interpret said galleries to student groups and visitors of all ages. Interns may also develop, with helpful supervision, their own research topic of their choosing. This may lead them into the Hawaiian community to assist record oral histories and living Hawaiian cultures.


Interns must be at least 18 years old, enjoy public speaking and able to handle multi-task position.

Minimum Length of Stay

Minimum 8 weeks

Additional Requirements

Please submit along with your application a resume or acceptable equivalent, indicating any relevant knowledge or skills. Please also provide a brief essay (one page or less) indicating: the source of your interest in this position, what you hope to contribute to the programs indicated, and what you hope to learn or experience through your internship.