IGS Internships


The Project

Our photography internships come in three tracks:

TRACK ONE focuses on placement with an established photographer. This is roughly an apprenticeship wherein the intern has the opportunity to learn the trade from an established professional. Typically this is with a photography studio that does work in the community handling weddings, family portraits, school portraits, sporting events etc.

TRACK TWO is a placement with a newspaper or magazine staff that needs someone with enough experience to be able take photos in the field without direct supervision and can serve as a photographer in residence. Intern may accompany writer or researcher to different sporting, social, or political events and will shoot images of the events for later publication.

TRACK THREE is a placement with one of our established internship hosts in social services, arts, environmental and other fields. Job duties will include photographing the daily happenings of the organization with the intent of creating a portfolio for the organization to use for marketing purposes. Typically photos are included on websites, in photo albums, and for print advertising used by the organization.

The Project

  1. Assist photographer in studio and field
  2. Photograph sports, news, social events
  3. Create a media portfolio for an organization
  4. Edit and arrange photographs
  5. Assist in creating a social media presence
  6. Upload images to websites/facebook etc.
  7. Organize slide shows
  8. Prepare galleries
  9. Photoshop editing