IGS Internships

At-Risk Youth Mentor

Project Introduction

Dear Dr. Adams . . . The best part of my experience was undoubtedly being able to engage with the girls I worked with one-on-one. While I met with the girls in a group of 10 to run the program everyday, I had opportunities to spend time with them individually before and after. I still keep in contact with the majority of the girls through e-mail, and their continued eagerness to discuss some of the very topics we covered in the "Smart Girls" program I ran proves to me the importance of mentorship. I also can't emphasize enough how wonderful the staff the way. They went out of their way to invite me along to do activities with them- trips around the island, picnics, etc. Having done other internships before, I also appreciated how much responsibility they gave me. I was encouraged to design my own program and club activities, not simply instructed what to do. I really think that being able to take such initiative as a college intern is unique.

The adolescent years of a child's life are invaluable. It is a time in which young adults are able to form their values and personalities, as well as figure out how they fit into the world and gain a sense of what they can contribute. Unfortunately, many children do not have easy access to an environment that fosters their growth. Domestic violence, lower income families, peer pressure, in addition to several other factors, impede a child's self-enhancement, learning, health and self-confidence. Many children in homes stricken with domestic violence witness abuse and suffer secondary psychological effects, including aggressive behavior and depression. Male children who witness abuse are more likely to become abusers themselves as adults, continuing a cycle of violent behavior.

Fortunately there is a nationally-recognized organization that is dedicated to helping adolescents at-risk. With a stable home, after-school programs, and a workforce program, at-risk youth are able to make steps towards developing themselves as individuals and enjoying the benefits of adolescence at the same time.

With positive mentors in their lives, at-risk youth have a model for which to strive. The mentor-youth relationship is a strong and complex one: a relationship in which both mentor and youth grow and learn. Interns will have the opportunity to effect positive change in the lives of troubled young people.

Job Description

As an At-Risk Youth Mentor, interns will have an intimate and exceptional perspective into local culture. In the past, interns have assisted the staff with after school reading programs in which interns design lesson plans based on personal interest and the needs of the children. Accompanying kids on field trips around the city is another important service interns will provide. The staff at the Center encourages original thought on the part of interns and as such, you will be challenged to come up with some of your own original ideas on how to best help the children and adolescents.

Prevention Programs

The Prevention Programs provide safe, caring, and nurturing environments along with access to opportunities, experiences, and services to support positive youth development and an effort to prevent problem behaviors such as Substance Abuse, Delinquency, Teen Pregnancy, School Drop-out, and Violence. All programs focuses on working with the Community (collaborations, meetings), Schools (referrals, target population, activity collaborations, site-based), family (family strengthening and involvement activities), and the individual (life skill building, educational development, positive activities).

The service activities consist of a comprehensive delivery of community-based outreach, case management, and positive alternative activities for youth ages 7-19, that are conducted and available during and after-school hours, weekends and school intercessions and holidays. .

Prevention services include: Positive Youth Development, Tobacco Prevention Program, Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Family Strengthening Programs, Drug and Violence Prevention Program, “METH” Prevention Program, and Substance Abuse Prevention Program. All programs offer life skills development, educational development, mentoring, community service projects, family strengthening, and youth leadership development.

Skills & Personal Qualities

  1. Willingness to accept and implement philosophy of giving.
  2. Ability and skill in communicating with people or different cultures
  3. Ability to write and speak comprehensibly
  4. Ability and skill in relating to a wide range of people and situations: youth, parent, agency workers, police, school personnel, supervisors, etc.
  5. Ability and skill to work within an interdisciplinary team concept and participate in staff training and growth groups
  6. Personal attributes: Good/sound judgment, dependability, initiate understanding, firmness, caring, organization, high energy level and ability to work under conditions of stress and change without verbal or active expression
  7. Be available to work days, evenings, weekends, holidays and maintain a flexible work schedule
  8. Be willing to take on job responsibilities outside job description, if need arises.


Assist the staff in the following:

  1. Transporting of children/adolescents to sponsored activities on site or throughout the city.
  2. Supervision of residents during routine program activities such as: meal preparation, recreational activities at the facility or on a group outing.
  3. Participation in informal group sessions with resident.
  4. Implementing an after school reading program.
  5. Supervising athletic activities.
  6. Assisting with administrative and office duties when requested.

Availability and Requirements

Positions available year-round.

Interns must be enthusiastic, hard working, and desire a challenge. This is quite a serious placement requiring stable, mature and committed individuals. Each intern must complete the Criminal History Process.

Minimum Length of Stay

Minimum 4-6 weeks

Additional Requirements

Please submit along with your application a resume or acceptable equivalent, indicating any relevant knowledge or skills. Please also provide a brief essay (one page or less) indicating: the source of your interest in this position, what you hope to contribute to the programs indicated, and what you hope to learn or experience through your internship.