IGS Internships

Educator/Teacher's Assistant

The Project

As a Teaching Assistant, interns will be assigned to a teacher and a classroom. When working with younger children you have the opportunity to create your own lessons plans and serve in the same capacity as a teacher. Older students will require you to specialize more in a discipline of your choice. Most classes include at least fifteen students and include computers, sufficient supplies and reading materials.

Interns will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with a teacher to share responsibilities of the classroom. You will help plan lessons, lead field trips, assign and correct assignments, and work with parents. Additionally, you will act as a tutor, offering private attention to students on difficult coursework. You will assist in physical education, sometimes organizing your own activities and games for the students.

The goals of the internship are to help the intern develop leadership skills in an educational environment. You will learn to address the needs of particular students and to cater your lessons and teaching style to the individual as well as the group. Mentoring with one or more teachers will allow the intern to learn educational styles, how to establish lesson plans, and the relationship between student, parents and school staff members.

Job Description

  1. Plan lessons
  2. Supervise students
  3. Administer assignments
  4. One on one tutoring
  5. Make presentations
  6. Correct homework
  7. Advise parents
  8. Lead field trips
  9. Create original assignments
  10. Assist in reading projects

* Interns should expect to pass a background check before interning in any of the public schools we use.