IGS Internships

National Park Apprenticeship

The internship will be based in Tuatapere, Southland, with time spent at the office in Tuatapere and on the Hump Ridge Track. Tuatepere lays sits on the southern-most coastrline of the South Island. Here, the aurora borealis is known as the "Southern Lights." Tuatepere serves both tourists and the local farming community. The information center /booking office are where the office work will be based. On the track, the volunteer will join the lodge manager or assist guides on the track in between lodges.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Park Ranger? We have an internship position that will surely prepare you for such a career choice. On the windswept coast of the South Island, New Zealand's newest backcountry trek is taking shape. For the first time in the country's history, the government has allowed a private concessionaire to create a recreational track in Fjord lands National Park. The trek passes through some of the greatest scenery on the South Island. The hike begins at sea level, continuing eight miles along the rocky coastline, accessible only during high tide, and rises to glacier-carved valleys. The concessionaire is using a helicopter to fly in building materials to construct dormitory-style housing for visitors hiking the four-day trek.

The position features work between the backcountry and the office. In the outback, interns will live in private quarters adjacent to the main bunkhouse on mile thirteen of the trek. You will help trampers orient themselves to the area and make sure they obey the Park rules. Reading materials will help educate you on the Park's and New Zealand's natural history. This information will then be shared with visitors through a variety of means.. Additional duties in the backcountry include trail maintenance, upkeep on the facilities, feral animal eradication, and native bird counts.

Assist the lodge managers in following duties:

  1. Ensure that the hut and associated facilities are maintained to a high standard.
  2. Daily maintenance at huts including cleaning, re stocking of fuel and supplies, making beds, washing linen etc.
  3. Maintenance of hut facilities such as fuel, water, solar system, gas, lighting, and sewage.
  4. Undertake track maintenance work along the Hump Ridge Track.
  5. Assist guides of guided walk parties in general duties
  6. Be available to act as first response to any emergency as and when required, (e.g.: fire, first aid, search and rescue, visitor safety and civil defense) following procedures as set out in the Track Operations Plan.
  7. Identify, respond, and rectify / report, (to the Senior Lodge Manger or General Manager in their absence) any safety issues should they arise, in accordance with the Track’s Health and Safety Policy.
  8. Communicate the conservation ethic, environmental requirements, and promote and represent the Track to track users / members of the public. All media enquiries must be directed to the Senior Lodge Manager (or the General Manager in their absence)
  9. Have regard to Maori values associated with the land traversed by the track and communicate these to users as appropriate.

Office Assistance

Assist with general office duties: answer phone calls, talking to customers, refilling brochures, tidying and cleaning of information centre... Assist with benchmarking process of Green Globe, Qualmark, Sustainable Tourist; Assist with general operations of the Hump Ridge Track. Assist sales and marketing manager with following duties: Online shop website maintenance; Sales and marketing ideas.