IGS Internships

Restoration Ecology

The Project

Join a team of young people in hands on conservation effort whose goal is to revitalize Hawaii's ecology. Your team will work on a diversity of projects that may include: rainforest conservation, dryland forests, wetlands, coastal areas, to name a few. This is a chance to visit remote corners of the state that the average tourist may never get a chance to see.

Here is a chance to work alongside and receive training from some of the leaders in the conservation fields of Hawaii. The internship provides the opportunity to gain cultural awareness of Hawaii's unique interaction between it diverse peoples and the environment. Working with a team, you will be able to develop leadership and team skills along the way.

Projects take place on O’ahu, Kaua’i, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Hawai’i Island, and Maui depending on the time of the year.


  1. Trail maintenance
  2. Native plant restoration
  3. Invasive species control
  4. Wildlife management
  5. Fence building
  6. Native bird monitoring
  7. Stream restoration
  8. Coastal restoration
  9. Wetlands rehabilitation

If you are twenty-years-old or younger you can be a team member. If over twenty, we can get you in as a team leader if accepted.