IGS Internships

Art Workshop Assistant

The Art Workshop is an arts and crafts workshop committed to an accessible, safe, sharing and supportive environment where people can explore their creativity. The workshop funding is by central and local government and charitable trusts. Most of the services are free in response to the needs of the participants and in the interests of a healthy community.

Interns, with a passion for helping people explore their creativity; can become involved in the various workshops - life drawing, photography and pottery classes. A participant/observer status will allow an intern the privilege of sharing in the activities of the center and the lives of the people who come into this space to explore and fulfill their creative dreams. It requires of an intern a high degree of self-direction and a genuine professional interest in the visual arts and their application, in assisting less advantaged members of the community.

Winner of the National Mental Health Award: Community Integration; Winner of the Innovative Provider Award; Wellington City Community Awards/Arts and Culture.