IGS Internships

Social Advocacy

Disabled Persons Service

Project Introduction

This is an internship for those interested in disability services development. Founded in 1966, the organization provides paid work for over 50 disabled people, who produce and sell handicrafts at the office site in Bangkok. Affiliated to the International Goodwill Organization and funded by Royal patronage under the National Council on Social Welfare, this organization provides support and runs public awareness campaigns. Interns will be assisting disabled people by tutoring them in English. Interns may also teach crafts, thus aiding in the development of marketable skills for the centers' charges. By gaining training and skills, disabled persons will be better able to earn a living and support themselves, and therefore integrate into mainstream society. The program has been very successful to date, having already enabled many people to move into better jobs.


Central Bangkok is a busy, noisy, and exciting city. Absolutely everything you want--shops, restaurants, Internet cafes, etc.--are within a short walking distance from the office and your apartment. There are also a lot of markets and cheap day trips you can make around Bangkok--everything is relatively inexpensive in Thailand! Buses run close by, so you can explore the surrounding villages or beaches on your days off.

Job Description

The position will entail helping to care for over 50 mentally and physically disabled people with the other administration staff. Applicants should have a genuine interest in either disability services and/ or English language tutoring. There will be scheduled classes where you will lead a group in teaching Basic English communication skills. You must be patient and compassionate--your students will be quite shy at first and it may take some time for you to become a familiar and friendly face. Interns will play a crucial role in fostering independence among disabled persons, giving them an opportunity to help themselves. The experienced and caring staff will provide support to interns regarding any difficulties they may encounter as they adjust to the position.

Interns must have energy and enthusiasm to learn as the workload can be heavy as you assist in all areas of the business. Interns receive some supervision and training from experts in all facets of web design, desktop publishing, and running a small business. For someone looking toward a career in web design or toward starting a business, this is an ideal experience.

Availability and Requirements

Position is available year round.
In your brief letter of intent on the IGS Application form, please be sure to indicate the source of your interest in this position, what you hope to contribute to the program indicated, and what you hope to learn or experience through your internship--this letter of intent will be distributed to internship providers. In addition, be sure to submit a resume or acceptable equivalent indicating any relevant knowledge or skills.


Rented accommodation is provided with basic cooking facilities: a rice cooker, gas ring, and a water boiler are included. Apartments are basic but comfortable. Eating is no problem as in Bangkok--there are restaurants on virtually every block, and in the center of the city you'll find absolutely anything you want, from burgers to noodles. You may even develop a taste for the local spicy cuisine.

Minimum Length of Stay

4 weeks