IGS Internships

Education and Social Services

Teaching Assistant

Project Introduction

Travel to Honolulu to experience island living in the Pacific and impacting the education of children's lives. As the world's population grows and the country's economy fluctuates, the quality of a child's education becomes increasingly important. A quality education opens doors of opportunity for young people as well as enriches an individual's mental ability and perspective. In Hawaii, education is extremely important. In the past, people have left the islands in search of opportunity. Consequentially, Hawaii is making an effort to improve its school system and teaching quality, improving the opportunities offered in the Islands. Interns have the opportunity to participate in this endeavor.

Rich with an eclectic mix of cultures and communities, Hawaii has undergone enormous change in recent history. With the population and the natural environment coping with the ebb and flow of the tourism industry and the economy, Hawaii's values and customs have remained strong. Family unity, love, and cultural heritage remain important Hawaiian identifiers throughout the island chain. Teachers get a peek at several different facets of the community in Hawaii. Especially in urban settings, low family incomes often affect a child's nutrition, health, even domestic safety. These are some of the challenges teachers confront in the classroom. Working in education, interns will have the opportunity to experience the importance placed on family and the spirit of Aloha, or love. Teaching Assistants integrate into the community, sometimes referred to as "Auntie" or "Uncle" by students, and become the mentor of dozens of children while watching their growth over time. This is a matchless opportunity to impact young lives.

Location - Honolulu, Hawaii

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, IGS has contracts with two highly respected schools. Interns who wish to work with elementary / Junior High aged children have the opportunity to do so in one of the leading facilities in the city. We likewise have a contact with one of the most innovative Pre-Schools in the area.

Job Description

As a Teaching Assistant, interns will be assigned to a teacher and a classroom. When working with younger children you have the opportunity to create your own lessons plans and serve in the same capacity as a teacher. Most classes include at least fifteen students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and most are from lower socio-economic communities. However, the community and local government have contributed to the facilities of the local schools. Most classrooms have a computer, sufficient supplies and reading materials.

Interns will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with a teacher to share responsibilities of the classroom. You will help plan lessons, assign and correct assignments. Additionally, you will act as a tutor, offering private attention to students on difficult coursework. You will assist in physical education, sometimes organizing your own activities and games for the students. Past Teaching Assistants have even conducted Story Time.


Interns will have their own private room in a shared house with other university students. (All female for female interns)

Availability and Requirements

Positions available year-round

Minimum Length of Stay

Minimum 4 weeks

Additional Requirements

Please submit along with your application a resume or acceptable equivalent, indicating any relevant knowledge or skills. Please also provide a brief essay (one page or less) indicating: the source of your interest in this position, what you hope to contribute to the programs indicated, and what you hope to learn or experience through your internship.