IGS Internships

Sports Marketing

The Project

Our sports marketing internships focus on team promotion. We place interns with specific teams or clubs based on the type of marketing experience you want to gain. We can approach national teams, professional clubs, university teams, even community or High School teams. All major sports like football, basketball, soccer, hockey and others are in the field of play. This is a custom-designed internship where we take your interests and background and market you so you can market the team. Emphasis will be placed on learning and implementing the marketing strategy for the club through immersion with all levels of the organization.

As fierce as the on the field competition, are the behind the scenes marketing strategies to fill the seats and pay the salaries. The importance of Product, Price, Promotion and Place will be paramount to the intern's understanding of operating a successful organization. The other four P's that will be incorporated into the placement: Planning, Packaging, Positioning and Perception. Together you end up with a sports marketing machine.

One element of promoting the club will be the portion of individual players. Athletes that are brand loyal and fans that are loyal to their favorite athletes and teams are an important component in the advertising process. As a subset of these phenomena, teams and players get paid to wear or use equipment or products and their fans thereby develop a loyalty to the products on behalf of the team.

Your internship duties will be working to keep all the spokes on the wheel of promoting the team in good order. Interns will promote the team and individual players through a wide array of mediums:

Job Duties

  1. Social media
  2. Print advertising
  3. Hosting community events
  4. Television advertising
  5. Product endorsements
  6. Email campaigns
  7. Fund raisers
  8. Charitable works
  9. Product placement in bars/hotels/businesses

The ability to interact with team members and the general public and to learn how to create "hype" and generate interest both in the club in general and specific matches in particular will be key to the internship.

Learning how to market to different socio economic groups will be a lesson as well. Strategies to fill the high roller boxes are different than putting bodies in the nosebleeds. You will have exposure to all levels of marketing and learn from experts in their fields the techniques used to achieve both goals.