IGS Internships

Hotel/Resort Management

The Project

The Institute for Cultural Ecology works with several top resorts and hotels to provide interns an opportunity to learn the business side of hotel and resort management. The majority of our placements are four or five star locales, enjoy water views and are well-known for their international reputation. They look good on resumes.

We work one on one with interns to narrow down their area of interest and then present that to a hotel or resort that matches your preferred location and personal interests. Past interns have focused either on customer service, finance, or reception/concierge duties. Typically interns have a chance to get exposed to all three aspects of management.

In addition many of the hotels/resorts that we work with offer or facilitate day tours to the coast or areas of cultural interest. Depending on the location, you may have an opportunity to join the day tours and help interpret local places of interests to guests.

Job Description

  1. Guest check-in/check out
  2. Assist information desk
  3. Concierge service
  4. Input room availability data
  5. Hotel marketing
  6. Assist day tours
  7. Accounting and finance
  8. Event planning
  9. Event setups