IGS Internships

Ocean Life Park

The Project

In this exciting partnership, you have a chance to intern at one of the premier Sea Parks in the world. The Park offers visitors a chance to swim with dolphins, get up close and personal with sea lions, hang out with a lovable group of penguins and explore a seabird sanctuary.

This is a great opportunity to work near some of Hawaii’s premier marine mammal species. The Park allows you several areas to share your expertise. You can assist in their marine mammal care & training facility, care for our breeding colony of sea turtles and other reef life, help injured seabirds, assist veterinary technicians, and become a community educator on the importance of all these marine species. Exact job duties will be determined by your length of stay and the time of the year.

For the seabirds, you may assist in the intake, care, feeding, and release of sick or injured birds. Other responsibilities may include cage cleaning, medical treatment assistance, food preparation, and various other duties.

The education work may consist of assisting school groups and camps, giving lectures, and possibly helping students while in the water with our dolphins or stingrays. There is no animal husbandry in this area.

Possible Job Duties (dependent on area):

  1. Help with seabird rehabilitation
  2. Maintain reef life exhibits
  3. Prepare food for the animals
  4. Assist with intake of incoming student groups
  5. Prepare marine education exhibits
  6. Assist camp students with interactive programs
  7. Travel to nearby schools