IGS Internships

Travel Consultancy

Interested in gaining job skills in travel industry management and working in a fast-paced, fun environment? IGS and Wellington's main information center have kicked off a partnership that will allow interns the opportunity to work on the frontline in directing tourists to the four corners of the country. Located in the heart of the capital city, the central location is a magnet for New Zealand visitors. After some study, you will advise on places to stay, adventures to pursue, as well as making bookings for ferry trips and other outings. You will be joined by an internationally diverse crew of fellow interns (along with locals from nearby Victoria University) as you gain experience working with clients and attending meetings in which continually changing travel information is processed and distributed.

This internship is ideal for someone interested in pursuing a Travel Industry Management or even a Hotel Management career. The dynamic of working with a transient population in a professional setting will help you develop the cooperation, efficiency, and communication skills necessary for quality customer service. Interns need to be outgoing, personable, patient, willing to share information, and must have a good work ethic to find success in this challenging profession.

Job responsibilities include: